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Grabner MINIVAP VP Vision Vapor Pressure Tester

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MINIVAP VP Vision Vapor Pressure Tester

Next Generation Vapor Pressure Testing

MINIVAP VP Vision is a highly versatile portable vapor pressure tester that features best-in-class precision and a pressure range of 0-2000 kPa. It is the first analyzer that demonstrates excellence in engineering by earning certificates for robustness and durability. Based on Grabner´s cutting-edge Cockpit™ technology, the instrument offers unmatched networking capabilities and enables worldwide access to analyzers.

Test Methods:

ASTM D5191, D5188, D6377, D6378, D6897; EN 13016-1+2, IP 394, 409, 481, JIS K2258-2, SHT 0769, GOST 52340

Key Features:

  • Highest precision and accuracy

  • US EPA and CARB approved Grabner test method for highest accuracy

  • Pressure range from 0-2000 kPa

  • Unique 2-D Correction™

  • Complete calibration history and backup

  • Cockpit™ software for remote multi- instrument and multi-location management

  • Modern, app-like user interface

  • Customizeable user templates

  • Results download: csv, PDF w/ graphics

  • Portable, shock- and vibration-resistantdesign, certified for use in cold, dry and damp heat environment

  • Best-in-class Sampling Pro™ valve design

  • Integrated shaker for Crude Oil

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