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Grabner MINIVAP VPXpert-L Vapor Pressure Tester

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MNIVAP VPXpert-L Vapor Pressure Tester

Pioneering Precision in Vapor Pressure

The MINIVAP VPXpert-L is a unique tester for the automatic determination of the vapor pressure of low volatility compounds, gasolines and jet fuels. The instrument offers a vastly improved precision of less than 0.1 kPa for routine testing. It includes new static methods for low volatility measurements, that correlate well to the ASTM D2879 Isoteniscope Method. The instrument is optimized to test the absolute vapor pressure of pure and multi-component solvents, chemicals and flavors in a pressure range of 0.1-100 kPa.

Test Methods:

Direct/Indirect VP, ASTM D5191, D5188, D6377, D6378, EN 13016-1+2, IP 394, 409,481, JIS K2258-2, SHT 0769, GOST 52340

Key Features:

  • Absolute vapor pressure determination (Static Triple Expansion Method)

  • Highly precise results

  • No vacuum pump or sample preparation

  • Integrated shaker to ensure proper outgassing and faster equilibrium

  • USB and LIMS data transfer

  • Sampling Pro™ Valve Design

  • Smallest sample size (1 ml w/o rinsing)

  • 5 minutes measuring time

  • Maintenance free, heavy duty measurement cell

  • Automatic piston lubrication

  • True one button usability

  • Enhanced report generation

  • Portable and rugged design for field use

  • Large, durable display

  • User access control

  • Barcode-Reader functionality

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