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Tanaka aap-6 Automatic Aniline Point Tester

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Automatic Aniline Point Tester


Intelligent Full-Auto Operation

The aap-6 automates the aniline point test of petroleum products. The theme of the 6th generation is "Ergonomic, Versatile and Premium".

aap-6 is capable of covering a wide range of samples including transparent samples as well as dark/opaque samples.

Test Methods:

ASTM D611, ISO 2977, etc.


  • Ergonomically color-coordinated display for high visibility for everybody and intuitive switch operation

  • Enhanced versatility including Ethernet for LIMS, USB port  for flash memory or keyboard, password protection and data storage (max. 200 results)

  • All-in-one chassis design: compact, light weight and premier exterior

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