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XOS Clora On-Line Analyser

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XOS Clora On-Line Analyser

On-Line Chlorine Analysis in Crude, Water and Process Streams

Chlorine monitoring in crude oil, process streams, water and effluent streams presents valuable insights in e.g. desalting and refining operations for corrosion management, environmental and process control purposes. The CLORA On-Line Analyser presents a breakthrough process analytical solution for quantification of total chlorine from 0.2 ppm up to 3000 ppm. CLORA analysers are not sensitive to sample temperature variation and do not require consumable gasses or liquids. Comprehensive data communications and diagnostics capabilities enable a maximum in uptime. The CLORA On-Line Analyser is based on the same MWD XRF analytical platform as the CLORA Bench-Top Analyser.

Key features:

  • No consumable liquids or gasses required

  • No combustion or sample conversion: ensures safe and low maintenance operation

  • Calibration is linear up to 3000 ppm and one calibration curve runs all hydrocarbon matrices

  • Direct measurement in ppm wt.

  • Continuous and real time analysis

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