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Setaram SENSYS evo TG-DSC-EGA Thermal Analyzer

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Setaram SENSYS evo TG-DSC-EGA Thermal Analyzer

Features include:



  • Excellent TG signal baseline: the symmetry of the microbalance, with its sample and reference suspended vertically from the beam guarantee reproducible positioning of the sample over time and excellent stability of the TG signal baseline.

  • Automatic compensation of Buoyancy: the sample and the reference are heated inside the same calorimetric block (symmetrical furnace), which means that the buoyancy effect is automatically compensated

Differential Scanning Calorimeter


  • Incomparable precision: the unique 3D DSC sensor totally surrounds your sample and reference crucibles so that the entire energy of any transformation is monitored thereby giving you an unequalled accuracy of measurement.

  • Parameter Independent Calibration: because of the 3D transducer the calibration of SENSYS evo is independent of: – mass and form (powder, fibre, liquid, etc.) of the sample, – contact between the sample and the transducer, – crucible type, – sweeping gas (inert, oxidizing, reducing, wet, pressure) and flow rate..

  • Ease of operation: dedicated market leading CALISTO software that is not only intuitive but powerful enough to perform every typical experiments and data treatment.

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