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Setaram SENSYS evo DSC Thermal Analyzer

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Setaram SENSYS evo DSC Thermal Analyzer

The SENSYS evo DSC offers the most precise DSC sensor with parameter independent calibration to give YOU a DSC system that not only has totally unmatched performance, it also can operate under pressure and reactive atmospheres without compromising your baseline or sensitivity.

For the first time you can perform experiments under your conditions not those dictated by your DSC. The SENSYS evo can be coupled with a large number of technologies (BET, FTIR, MS, GC, gas sorption, fluorescence, Raman).


With its high precision and wide temperature range (-120 to 830 °C) the SENSYS evo DSC has a wide range of applications, especially in the fields of thermodynamics (Specific Heat Capacity Cp precision within +/-1 %), pharmaceuticals (phase diagram, polymorphism, purity, thermal stability), safety of chemical process(transition, decomposition under high pressure), energy(catalysis, hydrogen storage, hydrogen adsorption), polymers (glass transition, measurement under pressure), etc.

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