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Telstar Laboratory combination 4°C Refrigerator & -35°C Freezer

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Telstar Laboratory combination 4°C Refrigerator & -35°C Freezer

The Slimline® -35ºC & + 4ºC fridge / freezer combination is a special designed cabinet with two total independent cooling chambers (+4ºC top & -35ºC bottom compartment) in less than 1m² of valuable lab space. The ideal solution when space, dual temperature control and performance are critical. The combination refrigerator / freezer offers 2 x 286 liters of safe and reliable storage capacity. The upper chamber standard comes with a double layer glass door where the bottom compartment comes with a stainless steel door. Both chambers have their own independent cooling system, controller and power.

  • Laboratory combination +4ºC Refrigerator & -35°C Freezer

  • Internal volume of 2x 286 liter

  • Botch compartments have their own independent cooling system, controller and power

  • Always pass through standard doors because of Slimline design

  • Forced cooling by internal fan

  • Automatic defrost cycle and melt water evaporation in heated tray

  • 60 mm insulation of non-CFC, foamed polyurethane

  • Stainless steel interior and exterior

  • Double layer glass door (upper compartment only)

  • Chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning

  • Flexible storage: you can mix drawers, grids and shelves in one cabinet

  • Door lock for both upper and bottom compartment

  • Low power consumption

  • Low noise level

  • Adjustable temperature set points

  • Microprocessor control with digital display / controller

  • High and low temperature alarm, door open alarm, alarm history list, dry contact for remote alarm

  • Auto switch off fan when door opens

  • Standard fitted with heavy duty double-roll casters for easy transportation (lockable)

  • Easy to mount stainless steel adjustable feet also come standard inside every cabinet

  • 220-240V, 50 Hz (100V / 60Hz optional)

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