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Lachat Micro Dist Tube Assembly (User Fill), 100/box

Code: A17117

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Part No. A17117

Lachat Micro Dist Tube Assembly (User Fill) Box of 100

Cyanaidie and Phenol disposable testing tubes.
MICRO DIST® tubes are available pre-filled with trapping solution. For users wishing to fill MICRO DIST® tubes themselves, the User-filled option is available.

  • The MICRO DIST tube consists of only two pieces which are disposed of after use.

  • The tube has one plastic press-fit joint that will never leak.

  • The in situ steam is self-purging so no external gas stream is required.

  • The high contact block heater is temperature controlled for high precision across all samples.

  • Over 100 samples per day can be distilled.

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