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ACC Pyrotell Gel-clot Formulation, 0.06 EU/mL 5 Pack, part no. G5006-5

Code: G5006-5

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Product Description

Pyrotell® lysate was the first LAL gel-clot reagent licensed by the US FDA. It is easy to use and is available in both economical multi-test vials and convenient Single Test Vials (STV’s). Pyrotell lysate is a robust reagent, producing firm, easily read clots and is resistant to interfering substances. The gel-clot test does not require sophisticated capital equipment and software and is the simplest LAL test to implement.

Product Sensitivity

Pyrotell lysate is available in multiple sensitivities: 0.03 EU/mL; 0.06 EU/mL; 0.125 EU/mL; 0.25 EU/mL. 0.5 EU/mL available in Single Test Vials only.

Sample to Lysate Ratio

For standard use, a 1:1 mixture of Pyrotell lysate to sample is used.

Test Performance

For 2 mL and 5 mL multi-test vials, 100 μL of lysate is mixed with 100 μL of sample in a reaction tube. For single test vials 200 μL of sample is added to the vial, which serves as a reaction tube. Test tubes are incubated at 37°C for 60 minutes ± 2 minutes. A positive test is indicated if the clot remains solid after the inversion of the test tube.

Product Stability

The reconstituted lysate is stable for 24 hours at 2–8°C or for up to 3 months at or below -20°C. May be frozen once and will retain activity for as long as 3 months if stored at or below -20°C.

Product Reconstitution

Pyrotell multi-test vials may be reconstituted with LAL Reagent Water (LRW), Pyrosol® buffer or Glucashield® buffer. Glucashield (1→3)-β-D-glucan inhibiting buffer is used to render the assay endotoxin specific.

Product Packaging

Pyrotell lysate is available in single test vial (STV), 2 mL or 5 mL fill sizes. The 2 mL and 5 mL vials are sold individually. STV’s are sold in packs of ten vials. Control Standard Endotoxin (CSE) is provided separately with a Certificate of Analysis, specific to the Pyrotell lysate lot with which it will be used.

Accessory Products

1. LAL Reagent Water, available in multiple package sizes

2. Control Standard Endotoxin, E. coli O113:H10, 0.5 μg/vial (E0005)

3. Glucashield Buffer (GB051), (1g3)-b-D-Glucan Inhibiting Buffer

4. Pyrosol Buffer with pH indicator (BR051)

5. Pyrosol LAL Reconstitution Buffer (BC051)

6. Pyrotubes® (TS050), 10 x 75 mm soda lime glass test tubes

7. Pyrotubes (TB240), 12 x 75 mm borosilicate dilution tubes

8. Pyrotubes (TB013), 13 x 100 mm borosilicate dilution tubes

9. 250 μL Pipette tips (PPT25)

10. 1000 μL Pipette tips (PPT10)

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