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Flow Rated PVC Pump Tubing, White/White, Part no. 116-0549-09, Pack 12

Code: 116-0549-09

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Part no. 116-0549-09

PVC Pump Tubing White/White, 2 Bridge, Pack 12,

I.D. 1.02mm,

Bridge 151mm, Length 455mm

Tubing Guide

The following guide details most of the commonly used tubing sizes and materials. We also supply all of the uncommon sizes and materials as well however too numerous to list in this guide. If the tubing you require is not listed, don’t worry, we can most likely supply it.  Just telephone or email us for price and availability.

In addition to tubing we also supply a full range of tubing connectors, spare parts and accessories for all types of auto analysers. Again just telephone or email us for price and availability.


PVC Flow Rated Tubing

An excellent general purpose laboratory grade tubing extruded from clear, flexible PVC compound and manufactured to exacting standards to constantly deliver a specific volume. It offers long service life and good resistance to acids and alkalis. Meets food and drug specifications. Suitable for most substances. Not recommended for concentrated solvents and some petroleum products.


Solvaflex Tubing

Extruded from flexible PVC and coloured yellow to differentiate from standard tubing and as the name suggests, has been specifically developed to handle concentrated solvents such as alcohol, hydrocarbon compounds and methyl ethylglycoles.


Acidflex (Viton) Tubing

Extruded from black or charcoal grey synthetic rubber. Acidflex offers long life when delivering particularly concentrated acids, alkalis and solvents and at high temperatures (to 200oC). Every batch is precision made, vulcanised and tested to ensure consistent quality.


Santoprene Tubing

Extruded from thermoplastic elastomer, cream coloured Santoprene has the longest service life of all tubing and is highly resistant to wear and abrasion. It is a non-toxic, food grade material and can withstand sterilisation (to 135oC). Good resistance to inorganic acids and alkalis, oils and greases.


Silicone Tubing

Extruded from high quality virgin silicone. A soft, translucent, extremely flexible, non-toxic tube which withstands repeated sterilisation. Excellent biocompatability and suitable for temperatures to 260 oc.

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