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Stuart Ceramic Top Hotplate, analogue 50 x 30cm

Code: CB500

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Part no. CB500

Hotplate, ceramic top, analogue, 50 x 30cm

  • Choice of top plate material, metal or ceramic

  • Large plate area ideal for heating multiple vessels

  • Accommodates up to 30 x 100ml beakers

Model SB500 has an aluminum / silicon alloy top plate. This material has very good conductive properties so will give a very even plate temperature. This means all samples, no matter where they are placed on the hotplate, will be subjected to the same conditions for excellent uniformity and reproducibility.

Technical Specification

Plate material: Glass ceramic

Plate dimensions, 300 x 500 mm

Heated area, 250 x 450 mm

Heater power, 2250 W

Max. plate temp. 375 °C

Dimensions, (w x d x h) 520 x 360 x 130 mm

Net weight, 12 kg

Electricity supply: 230V, 50-60Hz

IP Rating 31

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