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Novasina LabMaster-aw NEO Water Activity Measurement Instrument

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LabMaster-aw NEO

Second to none water activity meter with cutting-edge technology, perfect for daily routine determination of water activity in QC-labs in food and pharma. This meter is as well very suitable to support further investigation to find the source of product spoilage, texture failures or rancidity.

Our cutting-edge and unique sensor technology for water activity measurement, supported by a full temperature-controlled measurement chamber, provides the pre-requisite for best accuracy and reproducability.


  • Full temperature-control ( 0-60°C ) for highest accuracy

  • Complete 21CFR11 conformity thanks complaint user management and audit trail

  • Various measuring modes including fast mode

  • Reusable SAL-T calibration standards with automatic recognition by RFID-tag

  • Automatic equilibrium detection to ensure best repeatability and comparability of measurement values

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