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SPECTROLAB S Stationary Metal Analyser

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A True Revolution in High-End Metal Analysis

The SPECTROLAB S has the world’s first CMOS-based detector system that’s perfected for high-end metal analysis — thanks to SPECTRO’s proprietary CMOS+T technology. From trace elements to multi-matrix applications, it provides extremely fast, highly accurate, exceptionally flexible analysis.

When it comes to sample throughput, SPECTROLAB S meets the metal market’s need for speed. Example: when analyzing low-alloy steel, it can deliver highly accurate measurements in less than 20 seconds!

Key features:

  • Highly accurate results in under 20 seconds (example: low-alloy steels)

  • Regular maintenance intervention requirements (spark stand cleaning) reduced by a factor of 8

  • On average factor 2 improvement in detection limits for low-alloy steels and a factor 5 improvement for pure aluminum metals versus previous models

  • Instrument footprint reduced by 27%

  • iCAL 2.0 — one sample standardization for the complete system, saving 30 minutes a day


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