Atritor - Turbo Separator

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ATRITOR Turbo Separator removes products from their packaging, releasing it for recyling or disposal. Through combination of centrifugal forces, self-generated air-flow and mechanical action, up to 99% of dry and lquid materials can be removed from their packaging.

When compared with other methods of packaging separation (e.g shredders), the Turbo spearator achieves higher separation efficiencies with lower power consumption which results in reduced running costs.

The turbo separator is ideal for separation out the specification, out of date and mislabeled products from a variety of packaging including can, plastic bottles, alumimum trays, boxes ect. 

It also separates paper from gypsum, glass from laminate in car windscreens and general food waste from the is packaging for the anaerobic digestion plants.

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