Weima WL4 Industrial Shredder

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Make the most of your wood waste! Waste from off-cuts, pallets, heavy or light wood material and paper – a considerable cost factor for production plants.

Economic solutions are in demand for handling material waste.

The clever answer is: shredding waste materials with a WEIMA.

Whatever aspects are important to you – disposal, storage or logistics, or whether you are looking for profitable recycling of your wood waste.


Material is fed through the hopper to fall in front of a hydraulically operated drawer that presses the material, according to load, onto the turning rotor.
The material is shredded between the rotor blades and a fixed stationary blade.
The drawer is equipped with scraperstrips to prevent any adverse pulling in of material between the drawer and the machine casing. The chips produced can be conveyed out of the machine by a suction extraction system or a conveyorscrew.

  • 18.5kW motor
  • Low Maintenance
  • Throughput of 350 kg/h*

Patented V rotor
  • optimum material feed
  • minimum wear of cutting blade
  • slow speed high torque drive
  • low cutting clearance between rotorand stationary blade
  • defined blade overlap

* Throughput dependant on type of material. † Subject to prior sale. 

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