Wagner stainless steel separator - 0432NV

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Wagner stainless steel separator 

The cutting-edge neodymium magnetic pulley, 400 mm in diameter, is at the core of the Wagner stainless steel 0432NV series separator.

This machine has the strongest currently available magnetic material which is configured via special devices within magnetic carriers, generating an ultra-strongmagnetic field at the pulley surface and generating the largest possible depth effect at the same time.

Many stainless steels have only weak magnetism, which were previously inseparable, can be held and separated by the pulley in this unit.  The wide area covered by the magnetic field means even irregular shaped stainless steel parts can be optimally and uniformly magnetised for removal.

The stainless steel parts are captured by the magnetic pulley and extracted from the material flow the pulley.

The pulley is integrated into a compact frame construction, while there is also the option of adding on a control cabinet to vary the belt speed.

Technical data:

Magnet diameter: 400 mm

Working width: 400 to 3000 mm

Extreme depth effect

Magnetix fluxon the pulley surface: > 11.000 Gauss

Regulated belt drive(option)

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