Jenway® 74 series spectrophotometers

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Introducing the new Jenway® 74 series spectrophotometers with CPLive™ technology 

The 74 series spectrophotometers, equipped for the first time with CPLive technology, are Jenway’s most intuitive and user-friendly spectrophotometers yet. Jenway 74 series spectrophotometers provide accurate and reliable results in various applications from teaching, to industrial applications, to routine sample analysis in quality control environments.

Using Jenway 74 series spectrophotometers with CPLive technology means lab results and method files are only ever a click away. Users can upload data safely and securely to the cloud, share data with colleagues and simultaneously manage multiple devices through the CPLive app on their computer, tablet or smartphone. What’s more, CPLive provides complimentary and unlimited data storage.

“The Jenway 74 series spectrophotometers with CPLive connectivity will significantly simplify user workflows by enabling them to securely archive & share their data, easily scale their research, quickly add future devices and intuitively manage multiple machines – all with a simple touch of a button”, commented Neil Pomeroy, New Product Development Director.

There are two models in the 74 series range. Jenway 7410 uses a tungsten halogen lamp for measurements in the visible spectrum from 320 to 1000nm. Jenway 7415 uses a press to read xenon lamp to extend measurements into the UV spectrum, down to 198nm. Both models have a 5nm spectral bandwidth.

All Jenway 74 series units come with a host of user-friendly features as standard:

  • CPLive technology

  • 7” High Definition colour touchscreen display

  • Multiple USB ports for data storage & printer connectivity

  • Android operating system, compatible with both Android and IOS devices

  • Internal memory for methods and results (10GB onboard storage)

  • Multi-language options including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian

  • Extensive range of accessories available

  • 3-year market-leading warranty (including xenon lamp)



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