Stadler Screening drum

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Screening drumEffective sorting of a material stream into different grit sizes, generation of a uniform (homogeneous) mix of different materials, break-up of material compounds (agglomerates).

The core of the screening drum is the STADLER® drum body.

Field of application

  • Classification of a material stream into different grit sizes

  • Generation of a uniform (homogeneous) mix of different materials

  • Break-up of material compounds (agglomerates)

The screening drums can be supplied in various sizes with different-sized perforations according to the required throughput, material composition and application.

If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Environmental Technology Solutions team.

Structure of a screening drum

  • Drum body
  • Sturdy sectional base frame
  • Bilateral drum bearings
  • Tub, hood, infeed, screened material and overflow chutes
  • Infeed and discharge openings
  • Maintenance openings for service and repairs
  • Dust protection capsule
  • Speed sensing switch
  • Connection for suction device
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