Trennso multi-deck screening machine SIK

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Trennso screening machine SIK sorts the bulk material into various particle sizes using its variable sieve formats. The products must be free-flowing and should not exceed a certain wetness threshold. 

The sievings are taken into a free-swinging screening box via a distributing device. This is suspended from a solid steel frame on wire rope and is designed to be dustproof.

The sifting screens are built into the screening box and can be removed either from above or from the face end. The covering ranges from coarse perforated sheets to finely meshed weave. The screening surface is cleaned and kept free by a rubber sphere blasting system. The screening box is made to swing horizontally by an electrical drive. 

Depending on the product, the screen angle, lift and rotating speed is freely variable, to achieve an optimum throughput efficiency and an exact classification of the sievings. As a special optional feature, the screening machine has screening outlets that are positioned towards the outside, providing excellent accessibility. 

The sifting screen can also be connected to an aspiration system. Flow separators and magnets are also available as additional equipment for direct mounting.

This machine is available in various widths and lengths. According to requirement, 1 to 4 screen layersare built in.

If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Environmental Technology Solutions team.

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