Trennso screening machine SIS

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Trennso screening machine SIS  sort bulk materials into various grain sizes through their variable screens. Products must be able to be poured and dampness should not exceed a certain limit.

The material to be screened is fed into the screening box via a distribution device. This is hung with flexible joints from a stable steel frame and is dustproof. 

Screens are built into screening boxes and can either be removed from above or pulled out from the front. The covering ranges from coarse perforated sheets to finely-woven mesh. Rubber-ball cleaning ensures that the screen surface remains open. The screening box is driven to vibrate diagonally by an excenter. Depending on the material, number of strokes and speed are freely variable, such that throughput is optimized and an exact classification of materials is achieved. A feature of the screener is its external outlets that allow easy access. 

Additionally, the screen can be connected to an aspiration system.Wind sifters and magnets are available to be directly added on to the unit.

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