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The multipurpose shredder WLK 4 is suitable for preparing nearly all plastics, particularly, also hard and resilient materials. 

Designed to make light work of start-up lumps, pipes, automotive parts, blow moulding materials to include PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, canisters, buckets to paper, cardboard boxes, light metals, etc. 

The WLK 4 series is the ideal complement to the proven WLK series.

The new design strengthens the series offering various sizes and different versions for every bespoke application. 

The Innovative “V” Rotor with cutting gap adjustment “SuperCut” enables optimum shredding results.

The WLK 4 shredder input can be fed by conveyor belt, forklift truck manually by an operator. It can also be integrated into a two-stage solution as a pre-shredder. 

The shredding of material takes place between the rotor knives and a fixed counter blade. The pusher and floor are fitted with corresponding castellation to prevent undesirable tramp material being caught in between ram and the machine floor housing. 

There are thousands of WEIMA shredders in use in industry and medium-sized businesses worldwide. They are characterised by their design robustness in construction offering longevity.

If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Environmental Technology Solutions team.


  WLK 4
Hopper opening (mm)  600 x 1050
Rotor Ø (mm)  270
Rotor length (mm)  600
Rotor speed (rpm)  100
Power (kW)  18.5 / 22
Rotor knives  28
Weight (appr. kg)  1300
Screen size (mm)  15 - 40
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