Stadler Ballistic STT 2000 2D and 3D separation

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Effective sorting of the material stream begins with the ballistic separator.

Sorting into different fractions:

  • Rolling and heavy materials, e.g. hollow bodies, plastic bottles, stones, wood, cans and steel sections

  • Flat and light materials, e.g. films, textiles, paper, cardboard boxes and fibrous products

  • Screened fraction – various grit sizes can be separated according to paddle perforation

  • Optimal distribution to NIR (near-infrared) acceleration belt directly downstream

  • Early removal of any glass

  • Adhesions on materials are shaken off


If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Environmental Technology Solutions team.

All types of recycling materials such as Light packaging, mixed paper and cardboard, film, drinking and detergent bottles

Classification of difficult, sticky or wet materials with separation cuts from approx. 0.2 mm to 120 mm.


  • Nearly blockage-free screening in the upper and lower deck thanks to tried and tested 3D and Flip-Flow technology.

  • The 3D screening segments guarantee correct grain size with no long pieces or extraneous material for the tension shaft screen on the lower deck.

  • The Flip-Flow screen with screwless mounted screen mats avoids unnecessary cleaning.

  • This combination of 2 system solutions in 1 machine enables you to make enormous savings on conveying equipment, steel structures and space.

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