Trennso Separating Table TTS for fine density seperation

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Trennso TTS separating table sorts the bulk material into various particle sizes using its variable sieve formats. The products must be free-flowing and should not exceed a certain wetness threshold.  

The graded product arrives in the distribution device and the working screen, which is driven by a cam. The angling of the screen can be variably adjustable. The air is conducted through the graded product via an exhaust ventilator underneath the screening box. The causes the light parts to be fluidised and separated from the heavy parts.

The heavier parts are conveyed upwards in the sifter and the lighter parts are conveyed downwards towards the light goods outlet, depending on the motion and angle of the screen. The output of the exhaust ventilator can be electronically controlled.

The exhaust air is cleaned by an up-line filtration system and be resupplied into the machine afterwards (recirculating air operation). 

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