Trennso Zig Zag Windsifter ZZS for materials 0-100mm

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The Trennso Zig Zag windsifter sorts various bulk materials according to their specific gravity, their shape and size.

The sorting product is fed into the zigzag channel and distributed through the entire cross-section of the sorting channel.The sorting air generated by the fan flows through the sorter from the bottom to the top; this causes the material to be flooded by air and separated.

The product must cross through the air flow at every bend in the sorting channel and subsequently collides against the opposite wall of the sorter. This causes the material with a higher density to drop to the bottom in the sorting channel due to the centrifugal force.

The lightweight material is sucked out of the sorting channel via the upwards directed air flow.

The depth of the air sifter can be adjusted; as a result, it can be operated in extract air or in air recirculation mode. The extracted air is cleaned in a downstream filtration system or by a cyclone filter.

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