Westeria WS Sifter range for density separation

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Precise and clean separation of high-quality recycling raw materials
Westeria windsifters are robust, powerful and elaborately designed.

The patented Westeria windsifter technology boasts a powerful process for separating light and heavy material.

Materials are separated in the windsifter using a process made up of three basic components - the acceleration belt, the air nozzle and the windsifter separation drum.

The windsifter achieves good sifting through the even, single-layer distribution of the input material, which is homogenously spread out across the entire width of the windsifter belt and passed to the feed belt.

The material in the windsifter is accelerated here to a suitable speed and transported to the discharge edge.

The material falling from above meets an upward flow generated by an adjustable air nozzle attached below the feed belt in the windsifter.

The air stream meets the upper area of the rotation drum in the windsifter and is fed via this into the expansion chamber with the laminar flow.

The material in the windsifter meets the air stream and is separated into light and heavy material.

The light materials are transported via an air stream at higher speed into the expansion chamber where the air speed is radically reduced so that the light materials end up in a container or on a discharge belt. The heavy materials fall downward before the rotation drum in the windsifter into a container or onto a discharge belt.

The volume of air introduced in the expansion chamber is extracted again in the upper area of the windsifter and either suctioned back in by the blower or fed into a filtering system, depending on the individual case.

Westeria has designed a special windsifter with which the input material can be precisely sorted into three groups with a high degree of separation efficiency in order to obtain high-quality recycling materials.

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