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Bettersizer 2600 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

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Laser Particle Size Analyzer (Dry & Wet Dispersions)

The integrated and robust laser particle size analyzer, Bettersizer 2600, can deliver reliable particle size measurement results from submicron to millimetre. The Bettersizer 2600 wet and dry particle size analyzer is a simple to use, low maintenance, cost-effective analyser suitable for use in a wide variety of labortaory applications.

  • Particle size wet dispersion range: 0.02 to 2600μm
  • Particle size dry dispersion range: 0.1 to 2600μm
  • Precise measurement of both large and small particles covering the broadest range by a new patented technology utilizing both Fourier and Reverse Fourier optical systems 
  • Optical bench with 92 detectors covering an angular range of 0.016° -165° 
  • Optional wet and/or dry dispersion 
  • Small volume dry dispersing module for small sample quantities especially for pharmaceutical or valuable samples in short supply 
  • Easy and fast to changeover between dispersing modules
  • Easy to implement, create and use Standard Operation Procedures for new materials 
  • Automatic alignment of the optical system 
  • User-friendly software
  • Laser diffraction method conforming to ISO 13320



BT-802 Wet sample dispersion

BT-902 Dry sample dispersion

BT-903 Dry small volume sample dispersion

Small Volume Module - Wet small volume sample dispersion

Measuring principle Laser diffraction, Fourier and Reverse Fourier optical system
Analysis theory Mie or Fraunhofer
Applications suspensions, emulsions, dry powders
Measuring range Wet: 0.02 - 2600 µm; Dry: 0.1 - 2600 µm
Number of size classes >100
Typical measurement time <10 seconds
Accuracy error / Repeatability error Wet: <0.5% / <0.5%; Dry: <1.0% / <1.0% (GBRM D50)
Circulation / Dispersion / Volume Wet: Centrifugal pump / Ultrasound (50 W) / 600 ml
Dry: Venturi system, 0 - 5 bar
Effective focal length 223 mm
Detector system Log-space arrangement
Detector channels / Angle range 92 (forward, lateral, and backward) / 0.016° - 165°
Conformity 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 13320, USP<429>, CE
Data export Excel, PDF, Word, JPG, etc.
Dimensions / Weight 705 x 318 x 295 mm (L x W x H) / 23 kg
Recommended operating system Windows 7 or higher, Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM, USB 2.0


Laser Type Details

Number / type / wavelength / power / class 1 / Fiber laser / 635 nm (red) / 3 mW / Class 1

WET DISPERSION.  In a wet measurement, the particles are dispersed in a liquid medium in the dispersing module, additional dispersion may be performed by an ultrasonic disperser. Various external modules are also available to achieve this purpose including:

  • BT-802 – is a fully automatic standard dispersing module with integrated ultrasound and centrifugal pump for sample circulation with a volume of 600 ml. It is suitable for large sample sizes for materials that can be dispersed in water or alcohol.
  • BT-800N – is a dispersing module with medium volume (approx. 250ml) with ultrasound and centrifugal pump; suitable for non-polar solvents such as heptane, toluene and oil.


DRY DISPERSION.  Dry dispersion is used when dry powders or granules are to be measured without the use of solvent. During sample preparation, the sample is pre-dispersed by a vibrating transmission channel, it falls into a channel and is transported by compressed air (venturi nozzle) through to the horizontal measuring cell. Dispersion is carried out by particle collisions with the wall of the container and particleparticle shear. 
Switching dispersion modules is easy. Simply remove one module and replace it using its handle. Dry dispersion is also possible with a variety of external modules: 

  • BT-902 – this is an automatic standard dry dispersing module with a particle conveying channel with adjustable conveying rate; adjustable dispersion pressure (up to max. 5 bar) enable it to be suitable for all powders and granules whether they be cohesive or free flowing. 
  • BT-903 – is an automatic dry dispersing module for small sample sizes of powders; ideal for powders in research or pharmaceutical applications. 20 mg to 1 g sample sizes.
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