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Virion\Serion Immunomat™ SERION ELISA Analyser

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Immunomat™ SERION ELISA Analyser

Fully automated ELISA Analyser

The ImmunomatTM is a 4-plate benchtop automat with integrated pipetting system, plate transporter, ELISA washer and reader. Four plate positions and incubators with agitation function to guarantee an efficient workload of the instrument allowing the processing of up to seven microtiter plates. Of course, the system is in compliance with the in-vitro diagnostic directive 98/79/EC.


  • Fully automated SERION ELISA analyser for medium to high throughput applications

  • Validated for antibody detection with SERION ELISA classic immunoassays

  • Validated for avidity determination with SERION ELISA classic immunoassays

  • Validated for antigen detection with SERION ELISA antigen immunoassays

  • Short loading times with reload function for patient samples, reagents and microtitre plates

  • Level sensors for fluid containers with automated warning in case of lack of reagents or filled waste container

  • Multishot dispenser function

  • Memory function for tip racks

  • Barcode identification of samples, reagents and microtitre plates 

  • 2D hand barcode scanner for parameters of quality control certificates  

  • Clot detection

  • Walk away functionality

  • Fast and quantitative evaluation of SERION ELISA immunoassays   

  • Bi-directional connection to laboratory software systems via ASTM interface

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