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Simplicity® UV Water Purification System


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A portable, easy-to-use solution for low ultrapure water volumes.  The Simplicity® portable ultrapure water purification system can be located anywhere in your laboratory. It requires no special installation, no feed water connection and produces ultrapure water on demand from pretreated water. The system is compact and “nomadic” so that you can easily move it to another spot in your lab if you need to – or even lend it to a colleague down the hall. Its removable 2-liter integrated reservoir lets you do away with cumbersome carboys and their uncertain water quality.

Options such as a UV lamp and a range of Application Pak point-of-use polishers are available to fine-tune your ultrapure water.  The snap-in-and-out design of the SimpliPak® purification cartridge enables easy and rapid replacement.

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