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Teledyne Isco 500HPx High Pressure Syringe Pump

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500HPx High Pressure Syringe Pump

High Pressure (5,000 psi)
High Flow (408 mL/min)

The 500HPx Syringe Pump provides precise, predictable flow and pressure control at flow rates from sub-microliter to 408 ml/min.Exceptional low-flow stability at up to 5,000 psi makes this the ideal pump for high pressure applications from deep well core analysis to multi-dimensional capillary LC using small-bore packed capillary columns.

The D-series controller has a keypad and LCD, as well as built-in and optional interfaces for computer control and other devices. Programming is easy and flexible, with instant access to menu screens even when the pump is running. This allows you to change operating parameters on the fly. An optional extension cable lets you locate the controller up to 50 feet from the pump.

The 500HPx pump module has a single-ratio drive train with auto-lubricating gears for long life and low maintenance. Special fittings are used to prevent leaks and ensure safety at maximum pressure.

Wetted materials are compatible with most aqueous and organic liquids, corrosive solutions, heated fluids, liquefied gases, viscous fluids, or slurries and pastes.


  • High-pressure experiments requiring precision control

  • Proteomics research using nanobore capillary packed columns

  • Rock core analysis for hydrocarbon recovery studies in deep-well reservoirs

  • Reactant feed in chemical process development, catalyst evaluation, plastic formation

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