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Environmental Express Disposable Polypropylene Acid Digestion Vessel, 500pk

Code: SC475I

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Part no. SC475

50mL Disposable Polypropylene Acid Digestion Vessel with Screw Cap, 500pk. For acid digestion prior to AAS/ICP

SC475 digestion vessels provide premium performance in your SC154 HotBlock, SC100 HotBlock or AutoBlock. These vessels are molded of clarified homopolymer polypropylene assuring higher working temperatures and greater chemical resistance than the commonly used co-polymer polypropylene. Vessels are graduated to 50mL and have a total 68mL capacity.

The 33mm threaded cap is lined with a 0.040 polyethylene-faced foam liner for a leak-proof seal. Only the metals-free polyethylene liner contacts the sample. 500 vessels with caps. Total volume of the vessel is 68ml.

Each case comes with a Certificate of Analysis For Cleanliness and Volume Accuracy.


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